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Spiritual Growth Through Archetypes

We explore the feminine archetypes in order to heal, grow, and reclaim our true essence.

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Journey to Soul

Journey to Soul is here to guide you on your path of self-healing and self-discovery. Referred to as the "spiritual girl's handbook" it is packed full of affirmations and journal prompts to help rewire your mind and set you up for a life of happiness and authenticity. Divided into twenty-one lessons to help you establish a daily practice, reconnect with your intuition, and open up to the Divine Feminine energies.


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For the woman wanting to deepen her connection with the Divine Feminine...




By working with a specific goddess we are able to tap into her gifts, learn her wisdom and messages, and open ourselves up to the divine. Archetypes are a piece of thread that is woven to make up our entire fabric. By exploring the archetypes within us we are able to reveal our greater truths. Stay tuned as we release more workshops in the future.

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Exploring Archetypes

We use different archetypes in our spiritual practice to tap into the unknown and suppressed parts of ourselves in order to open the door to that archetypes unique gifts and mysteries. 


Stay connected with us as we release new goddess workshops!  Be sure to check out the store to see which goddess workshops are currently available.

Our Current Goddess Workshops

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Explore the Lover and Alchemical Goddess within you as Aphrodite invites you to play, create, and establish a foundation of self-love.


Walk with the Goddess of the Crossroads as you dive into the archetypes of the Crone, Witch, and Dark Goddess.


Athena the Wise Warrior reminds us to harness our power, to have confidence and to stand strong in our truth.


In Aiming True with Artemis the Goddess of the Moon and Hunt reminds us of our own inner wild woman and how to become laser focused on our goals.


The Priestess and the Hearthkeeper. Hestia helps us connect to our higher selves and tend to our own inner flame.

The Siren's Call

Feeling the call to go deeper? Explore the depths with the siren as your guide. She's been calling out to you, waiting patiently along the shoreline. Ride along the currents as she pulls you into the sweet stirrings of your soul.

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