5 Benefits of a Spiritual Practice

Jun 25, 2020

I talk a lot about the benefits of having spiritual practice to other women, especially mamas and I wanted to pop in today and tell you how it's changed my life since I incorporated mine into my daily routine almost two years ago now.


I spend 10-30 minutes every morning doing my daily spiritual practice. Now this looks different every day. It all depends on once I tune in and ask myself "What do I need today?" and then I go from there. Some days I have a lot on my mind and I need to journal, other times I'm looking for clarity or guidance and I pull an oracle card, or two, or three. Lately I've also been adding kundalini yoga into the mix. 


1. It keeps me calm and grounded throughout the day. I live with 2 toddlers, they aren't always the easiest people to deal with during the day, their mood swings are all over the place, and my sitting in meditation first thing in the morning I'm able to stay grounded and calm later without getting caught up into their...

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How to Choose Which Goddess to Work With

Apr 07, 2020

A common question I get asked is, "How do I know which goddess to work with?"

In truth there are so many to choose from. There is no one size fits all response. It's a deeply personal one that you have to feel into. 

Notice what things you are attracted to, what cultures, and symbols. For example if you like Ancient Egypt and cats, consider calling on Bastet. If you like fairies and magic perhaps call on Cordelia or Aeracura. There is no one size fits all approach to this.

I like to think the goddess we need most is that one that keeps appearing for us, whether we keep seeing posts about her online or reading about her. She tends to find her way to you. 

Each goddess seems to have her own energetic pattern as well. For example, I've had experiences with Kali Ma and picked up on her traits of hers that I later learned were witnessed by other women as well. 

So if you are unsure who to work for you can simple sit in your sacred space with a few lit candles sinking into...

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Why I Decided to Embrace the Mystic

Feb 20, 2020

I recently decided to own the fact that I am a spiritual mystic. This term came to me on a coaching call with my mentor when I was listening to a few other women struggle with what to call themselves. We were all coaches and entrepreneurs trying to build our businesses. I knew when I first started Life in Alignment I wasn't keen on the idea of calling myself a coach. Yes, I help guide people to their spiritual truth, but "coach" just didn't sit right with me. But of course that was the only available option on Facebook and Instagram.

I tried putting "spiritual" or "intuitive" in front of the word coach. But again that didn't cut it. 

Looking back the word Mystic has been following me around for awhile. 

I remember when I first joined Pinterest one of the first boards I created was called "Mystical". I was drawn to the weird and unusual. I was drawn to witches, spells, and magic. I pinned all this tarot, divination, and witchcraft. To me that was mystical. It was different...

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The Priestess Archetype

Dec 11, 2019

When we study archetypes we have to understand they each represent a small part of us. Each archetype is available to explore within ourselves. Some of our archetypes are more prominent than others. The warrior, the lover, the wild woman archetypes seem to be more common and accessible to us. 

One archetype that I think is often misunderstood and not explored enough is the archetype of the Priestess. 

The Priestess is the midwife of the spiritual journey. She is that part of you that longs to connect with the divine. To honor the divine and the divine that resides within her. To connect more with your spiritual side.

She takes ordinary tasks and makes them sacred. Whether it's mopping the floors, tending to the garden, or meditating. It all has meaning and purpose and can all help her connect with her spiritual side. 

With the priestess comes this patience and mindfulness. It's witnessing the divine in nature, in the subway, or in a sacred corner of your...

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5 Things You Should Know Before Working with Hekate

Oct 03, 2019

Hekate is one of my favorite goddesses to work with. And as Queen of the Witches October seems to be the perfect month to honor her. If you've ever worked with her you know the spell she can cast. 

Hekate reminds us of the magic that already resides within us. That we are able to create the life we want to live, and the power we already wield. She is the old wise woman giving advice, but also encouraging you to find your own way to the answers you seek. 

Which brings me to 5 reasons why you should be working with Hekate this month.


1. She represents Crone Energy

As we enter the autumn season we find ourselves reflecting more on the year we've already encountered. As the leaves start to turn and fall off their temporary home in the world, we too start to think and reflect on our lives and their meaning. It's time to go within. The Crone is the wise woman in the goddess trinity. She lived through the bursting vibrancy of spring, and birthed her creations during the...

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Let Yourself Dream Big

Sep 11, 2019

There is a full moon in Pisces this weekend and I've found myself feeling nostalgic. Reminiscing and also dreaming about what my life could be. You see Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, which is all about our spiritual life as well as illusions and dreams.

We have to be careful not to get to lost in the clouds and using our daydreams as a way to escape our currently reality. 

But in truth a little daydreaming never hurts. I'm a visionary by nature and I love to think up new ideas, plans, and talk about the what the future might hold. It is why you are here reading this now, because I once let myself dream of creating my own spiritual business, and voila Life in Alignment was born. 

But this full moon in Pisces also has me reconnecting with my heart. 

You see when I was an adolescent, and well into my teenage years I let my heart dictate EVERYTHING I did. At just 18 years old I moved across the country to be with a boy I had fallen in love with. And a year later I...

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Stop Dimming Your Light

Aug 09, 2019

There is a place within that fuels your passions. A feeling of excitement sparked by your inner flame. It's your gift, your light. We all possess it, but sometimes, in this world, our light gets dimmed. 

Whenever we are made to feel small, or inadequate. Whenever thoughts of unworthiness come up. Our light can waver. 

When someone tries to control us or manipulate us, they are trying to snuff out our flames. Usually for fear of their own inadequacy. 

But here's the thing I want you to know. 

That light inside of you, your inner flame. That is your soul, that is what fuels your drive to pursue things that make you happy. That brings you unwavering joy and love. It's your inner compass. 

You were born with it and will die with it. It can never go out. But sometimes we keep it hidden. We don't share our light. Whether from fear, or shame, or guilt. We keep ourselves small to make others feel comfortable. 

We'll I'm here to tell you to stop. Enough is...

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Woman Most Wild

Aug 02, 2019

The wild woman is just that, wild. Untamed and free from society's expectations of her. She is fearless in her pursuit.

She follows her own natural rhythms and flows. In sync with mother earth's seasons and cycles. 

Her own emotions rise and sink and she's okay with that. Because at her highest highs and lowest lows she still feels the heartbeat of the earth. She is still connected to the divine. She is an emotional and powerful being.

She dances to the beat of her own drum. She is the drum. She is the fire burning bright under the starry night sky. 

She seeks wisdom and only speaks in truth.

She knows the universe is working to make her dreams come true. She has faith and trust. 

She is soft yet fierce. Strong yet nurturing. 

A wild woman is as elegant as a swan and mysterious as a panther. 

She sees herself in all things. Because she is a part of all things. 

She is the blade of grass swaying with the wind. 

She is the sun's rays shining her...

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Shadow Work

Jul 19, 2019

Shadow work has been popping up all over the place lately. With this eclipse season currently going on it's a great time to work with shadow. 

But what is shadow work? And why do it?

Shadow work is working with your unconscious. It's tapping into the unknown and hidden parts of yourself. We work with shadow because it allows us to heal past wounds and trauma in order to move forward in our lives. In order to bring balance.

Throughout our lives our egos have suppressed things in order to keep us safe. We tend to avoid things that make us feel embarassed, emotional, or ashamed. 

I'm not going to sugar coat this. Shadow work can be difficult. All things that are going to help you grow as a person usually are. But when we work with those feelings and sit with them from a place of love and nurturing attention we can in turn heal them. 

When we dig deep into the uncomfortable and understand our patterns and cycles, why we do the things we do, we can then make a conscious...

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What it means to be a Queen

Jul 12, 2019


By exploring the archetype of Persephone in our new course Maiden to Queen we discuss what it means to be a queen. 


A Queen to me is someone who doesn’t play by the rules. She is the one who makes the rules. She has her own rule book and knows what works for her.  

She is strong and independent. And she believes in her intuition, she is so connected to herself that she knows what she needs and she knows how to manifest it. She has an innate inner power that can’t be messed with.  

A queen is fearless because she has already faced her own inner demons. She has been at rock bottom. She has sat with her shadows. And she has accepted them for what they are and the lessons they have taught her. She understands we are all equal parts of light and dark.  

It’s how she’s come out on top. She has been to hell and back and continually picks herself back up. She laughs in the face of danger, because she...

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